What to do about it.

You’re an expert and have a unique message to share with your clients and future clients to go where they need to go giving them technique and effective ways to promote their lives and their business.Let’s face it they need you.  

How are we going to do this?

You will receive a 30 minute TV hosted video interview in a professional television studio.  We will interview you  with questions you have prepared to be asked of you. You control the focus of the conversation and we will help you create your questions. Your interview will allow you to share your wisdom with the viewers and highlight your business. This will allow you to educate, entertain and inspire you to help others to achieve even higher level of success.

What you get!

This service is normally $1200.00 but between now and December I will charge you a special of $700.

A 30 minute hosted TV Interview in a live TV Studio

Reside on the Business Doctor TV Show

Assistance with questions and permission to use the video as needed.

Advice on smart way to use this video such as in emails and on your website

Your video will appear on the Business Doctor TV Show.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Call me Dr. Stan Fine at 314-737-1554

Step 2: Sign a simple agreement to get started.

Step 3:Provide a check for $700

Step 4: Schedule our shoot date

Step 5: Produce video

Step 6: Our Video Producer will clean it up and get it ready to launch

Step 7: Launch